So apparently there have been some legitimate comments among the dozens of random spam bot comments made on my blog in the last couple of months. Please forgive my silence, I haven’t combed through that section of my blog in a while and it seems that wordpress isn’t quite savvy enough to distinguish between good english, gibberish, and chinese.

I apologize also for the state of my poor little blog. I have no idea what happened to the majority of the pictures, my theory is tiny little picture eating monsters that sneak into the wordpress update code. I’ll fix it I promise! …eventually…soon, I swear!

Ah, graduate school. The reason Mercator book number two is still in editing. I’m sorry for that too. The book is soooooo close to being done, just a little revision here or there. There is a title: West to Thorn’s Peak. There are pretty pictures/maps. And I think the storyline is way more exciting than East to Adonia. I’ve got a month of graduate school left which includes two 15 pg plus papers and a 6 hr comprehensive exam.

So please don’t give up on Mercator and me. Once I’m free of the chains of higher education, I’ll be hitting the road running. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!
Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.54.36 AM

And that means I’m officially the author of a published book!

I am completely and totally stoked! It’s available right this second for download onto Kindle and will very very soon be on it’s way to readers in paperback form.

In the mean time check out the website at

AND watch this amazing trailer put together by my good friend Liam.