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I’m a big fan of Dancing with the Stars, but I’m not what you would call a faithful viewer. In truth I’ve only seen a handfull of episodes, but DwtS is the only show I’d make an effort to catch live.

It’s fascinating to watch these highly talented successful people attempt to master dancing. Whatever their reasons for signing onto the show, I love watching the survivors progress from awkward to amazing by the finals. Unlike most reality television, this is real. We’re watching champions compete. It’s incredible. What you see is real drive, struggle, and triumph. Being popular won’t save you and being athletic might work against you. You have to want the Mirrorball, be willing to work to survive, and have the right dancing partner. That’s what makes it so much fun. I have to admit that there is also some fun to be had laughing when cocky contestants realize that they’re not nearly as good as they think they are.

Last week I had the honor of working as a Story Assistant for Dancing with the Stars while one of this season’s contestant was in my home town. I could say names, but that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m also being a little paranoid. I don’t want to be sued for a million dollars for disclosing anything. I’m no good at gossip anyway. I just don’t know what’s juicy.

So, what’s a Story Assistant?

Good question. For all of you who think Hollywood is glamorous.(Still awesome but not glamorous. It’s hard work!) This is the sort of stuff you get to do for years at measly pay. I’m not even sure I got the title right. The job I did involved following the producer/camera/audio man around taking notes on what was going on in rehearsal and getting time-codes. This would go on for as long as they needed to rehearse. (That’s as much as you’ll get from me. 😛 ) Then it was time to log it all by reviewing at all the tapes. You re-watch everything you just watched live, sometimes you have to watch parts repeatedly. You have to make sure that every single time-code, event, and quote are right. Can you say tedious? Really cool if you think about it. But TEDIOUS. Maybe I’m slow since its not my thing, but it took me twice as long to log as it did to go through the rehearsal.

I’m having a blast watching the show. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes to get all the rehearsal footage and having had the privilege of seeing the process completely raw is freakishly cool.

At least I know who I’m voting for this season!

I’ll post later this week about my StarFest adventure in Denver this weekend. Look for video! 🙂

In the mean time…

THIS JUST IN: Dragon Riders of Pern Series by Anne McCafferey being adapted to film.

Here I admit my one true love for…*gasp*…DRAGONS. Yes, you heard me. I love dragons!

BUT…. only Anne McCafferey’s dragons.

I was spoiled. The Dragon Rider’s of Pern was the first “adult” fantasy book series I was ever introduced to. Before I go any further, I admit freely that I have not read the entire series, not by a long shot. But I was completely obsessed with Dragonsong and Dragonsinger in sixth grade. On long road trips suring my middle school years these two audiobooks were constantly playing on my walkman and my own ridiculously fantastic story woven into the fabric of Pern. I really identified with Menolly (the main character of Dragonsong/singer) at that time in my life. I suppose it was a fandom very similar to many’s obsession for Harry Potter. It was so ridiculous that when we were in Ireland and in the county Anne McCafferey lives in, I actually tried to find her in a random local telephone book. At the time I had NO idea how creepy that was. I’m better now…I hope. 🙂

It’s funny, I’d almost forgotten how big of a Geek I was about those books.