Saturday morning I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am to go to the River Market. My parents go regularly and I can clearly remember being in elementary school and resenting being woken up at 6am on a spring or summer Saturday morning just to go buy plants. Since then, my appreciation for a good farmer’s market has grown exponentially, although my feelings about getting out of bed before 8am have remained the same. Yesterday I was promised a deluxe breakfast and my own plant if I would go. So I did.

The Soup Dog (they were tasty too)

We ate breakfast at Cascone’s, just across the street from the market. The owner (and main chef) Frank is a friend of my dad, who is apparently known as “The Soup Dog” in some circles. It was a great breakfast.

After that we made our way through the Farmer’s Market and my mom picked out the plants that were the reason for the trip. We bought a combination of flowers and ornamental plants for pots to sit around the patio as well as a number of vegetables and herbs. I took the opportunity to play around with the Camera360 app for my Droid. I like all of the artsy presets that it comes with, they make me feel almost like an artist. 🙂

Oh and the plant I chose was a Lime Mint. Two of my favorite tastes in one plant. Exciting!