Sooo. I’m not coming through on my blogging like I should. What’s new? Three posts one week, one the next. At least I’m consistently inconsistant.

Do I have an excuse? Naw I don’t believe in those. It just slipped my mind. I’ve had other things to distract me. Like finishing the second book of Mercator. (It’s not done by the way. Close but not quite.) It’s really getting to the good part now. Too bad I won’t get to finish it for a couple of weeks. You see, I have this thing in Pennsylvania that I’m going to be at with 10,000+ of my nerd brethren.

I’m going to Pennsic, baby.

Now, most of you mundanes probably don’t have a clue what that means. Well listen up because I’m about to blow your little minds with sheer awesome.

So, Pennsic is the biggest SCA war in the world.

“And I should care, why?” you ask.

Imma just gon’ put this here:

This is what I’m doing next week. How about you?

To get ready I had to polish my ridiculously rusty helmet. (Which I riveted myself…)

And embroider the hems of my new dress. (Only in the SCA do I infrequently wear a dress. Because they’re super comfy.)

This is going to rock.

It’s been a productive week. Finally got my write on, and did some work on my websites.

Go on over and check out the tweaks to the website. Added a blog there to house map resources as well as being the hub for Mercator news. On the Mapmaker Blog you’ll soon find teaching resources both for the Series books as well as mapping and cartography. All major Mercator news will be hosted there as well, but never fear, it will also be posted here.

There’s still a lot to be done, but finally the progress is visible.

In other news…

I really liked THOR.

Which really isn’t that surprising. I have no strong feelings toward either the Norse deity or the superhero to interfere with the movie’s version. It was great fun. The story was in no way plausible, but it’s a superhero comic book movie of the first rank. It was silly and wonderful. There were times I was sitting there thinking, “Whoa, that’s weird… no wait, that’s sooo coool.” The super stylized parts in Valhalla detailing Thor’s fall from grace threw me a little bit, but it works. It’s outrageous in the way that a comic book is supposed to be. Crazy action, insane plot, impossible worlds, magic, and a guy with the perfect physique in tights (or jeans…whatever) all add up to a lot of fun. I approve. Well done Kenneth Branagh, I like your swagger. Can’t wait to see it again.