So apparently there have been some legitimate comments among the dozens of random spam bot comments made on my blog in the last couple of months. Please forgive my silence, I haven’t combed through that section of my blog in a while and it seems that wordpress isn’t quite savvy enough to distinguish between good english, gibberish, and chinese.

I apologize also for the state of my poor little blog. I have no idea what happened to the majority of the pictures, my theory is tiny little picture eating monsters that sneak into the wordpress update code. I’ll fix it I promise! …eventually…soon, I swear!

Ah, graduate school. The reason Mercator book number two is still in editing. I’m sorry for that too. The book is soooooo close to being done, just a little revision here or there. There is a title: West to Thorn’s Peak. There are pretty pictures/maps. And I think the storyline is way more exciting than East to Adonia. I’ve got a month of graduate school left which includes two 15 pg plus papers and a 6 hr comprehensive exam.

So please don’t give up on Mercator and me. Once I’m free of the chains of higher education, I’ll be hitting the road running. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!
Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 9.54.36 AM

Whoa, that’s a mouthful.

So here’s the thing, I’ve been internet-shy all year. For some strange reason I’m wary of the faceless mob that lives on the other side of the connection. Part of the problem is that I just don’t know where to start…

Well I’ve found my starting point. As long as I’m not too late signing up. (At least this time it’s not due to procrastination. I just found out about this a couple of hours a go via ZOVA’s Molly.)

It sounds like a great way to not only build your following, and discover new writers, but even make some friends.

If it sounds interesting at all you should check out Rachel Harrie’s Blog Post on the Campaign and check out some of the other peeps taking part.

I spent last week at my Grandmother’s farm trying to pound out the end of this book-thing I’m working on. West is the title and the direction Mercator is running in. He’s almost there…

I’m not going to lie, writing this book has been quite a bit like running through a maze where every once in a while you have no choice but to knock down a wall using your head. Hit one of those walls last week, didn’t expect to, but I did. I must have rewritten those pages five times trying to get it down to one.

One bad thing about writing fantasy is having to translate a hugely complicated bit of history or metaphysics into a tiny easy to read package. I’m writing for kids after all. I just keep writing the same bit of explanation over and over until I figure out what the most important bits are. I just keep pruning away until all that is left. All I want is enough to get the gist of the situation and hopefully keep a hint of the background. If it isn’t necessary for the moment and the story, it goes. It’s hard work, but it’s also fun to play with the words. Dialogue is always fun.

I’m afraid that’s all I have. I’d better get back to this brick wall. One more solid hit should bring it down.

I am incapable of saying or thinking those words without thinking or saying them in the voice of Hubert J Farnsworth of Planet Express, or just Futurama if you’re a little lost.

So what’s the good news?

East to Adonia is now only $2.99 on eReader!

In other good news, this weekend’s ConQuest 42 in KC went off without a hitch. They say it was a slow year, but at least it was close to home. 🙂

Enjoyed my short Rapture experience. Too bad there weren’t more of us or we wouldn’t have gotten sent back…ha ha ha.

Yeah, not funny. In case you live in a cave, it’s Tornado season in the good ‘ol Misery (Missouri, duh, but it’s still better than Kansas). A cave would be a good place to live here, there are plenty around. I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little blasé about looming natural disasters having lived through one of my own. My prayers are with those in Joplin.

In 2003 I was in Liberty, MO going to school when the tornado destroyed William Jewell. It was an awe inspiring experience. I can’t say that I was ever as terrified as I should have been, but I was rather panicky during certain parts of the experience. I’d blog the entire experience right now, but it’s a good story and I think I’ll save it for later.

This weekend I’ll be selling my book at ConQuest 42 in KC! I’m excited for this one. It’s in my home town and it’s actually the right genre! Tamora Pierce is one of the featured guests. I discovered her books early in my college experience and really enjoyed them.

In No-body-cares-except-for-Missouri-rockhounds news, there’s now a Roadside Geology book for Missouri!!! I should totally get it and do a live blogging tour of the best sites. That would be aweome. 🙂


I write like
Lewis Carroll

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I entered a big chunk of text from the second Mercator book that I’m working on right now (even as I type this very word). Which I think is very promising indeed. Either that or worrying. Are Alice’s adventures in Wonderland too old for Middle Schoolers?

A copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that I found at my Grandmother's.

I’ll post later this week about my StarFest adventure in Denver this weekend. Look for video! 🙂

In the mean time…

THIS JUST IN: Dragon Riders of Pern Series by Anne McCafferey being adapted to film.

Here I admit my one true love for…*gasp*…DRAGONS. Yes, you heard me. I love dragons!

BUT…. only Anne McCafferey’s dragons.

I was spoiled. The Dragon Rider’s of Pern was the first “adult” fantasy book series I was ever introduced to. Before I go any further, I admit freely that I have not read the entire series, not by a long shot. But I was completely obsessed with Dragonsong and Dragonsinger in sixth grade. On long road trips suring my middle school years these two audiobooks were constantly playing on my walkman and my own ridiculously fantastic story woven into the fabric of Pern. I really identified with Menolly (the main character of Dragonsong/singer) at that time in my life. I suppose it was a fandom very similar to many’s obsession for Harry Potter. It was so ridiculous that when we were in Ireland and in the county Anne McCafferey lives in, I actually tried to find her in a random local telephone book. At the time I had NO idea how creepy that was. I’m better now…I hope. 🙂

It’s funny, I’d almost forgotten how big of a Geek I was about those books.

So I’m back from my first Science Fiction/ Fantasy Convention in Wayne, Nebraska!  All in all I must say that it was a pretty great weekend. I took tons of pictures and video, which seem to have disappeared into the black hole of random data loss otherwise this post would be much shinier.

The highlight of my weekend was getting to hear Harry Turtledove read his short story “We Haven’t Got There Yet.” (Link to The story answers the question, “How would Shakespeare react to a performance of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard?” Mr. Turtledove confessed that the idea for the story struck him after seeing the play with his daughter, and I’m confident that he’s not the only one to have asked the question, but I’m pretty certain no one else has answered it nearly as well.  As a Theater Geek, I was hooked from the premise and fell in love with all the little pieces of Elizabethan English ( I love the word groundlings) and Shakespearean quotes scattered throughout the story. Fantasy, history, theatre, Shakespeare, if any or all these subjects catch your fancy you’ll love this little tale. Check it out.

And if you happen to be near Wayne, Nebraska for Willy Con 14 check it out!