Five Iron Frenzy

Can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this, it’s been like a week!

My favorite band of all time, (yes, I love them even more than The Band and The Dresden Dolls) is reuniting! And they have a free new single out



! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !More exclamation points! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

To me it’s sort of like if Elvis suddenly rose from the dead and started singing. Looks like I’ll be obsessively checking their website to see when they come to KC or anywhere within a three state radius of wherever I happen to be at the time. If I ever have a band, we’ll do FIF covers all the time. Did I ever mention my favorite number is five? And that I used to play trumpet? And that I still have the t-shirt I bought at one of their shows in high school?

I’m geeking out here a little.

Possibly my favorite song of all time.