Saturday morning I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am to go to the River Market. My parents go regularly and I can clearly remember being in elementary school and resenting being woken up at 6am on a spring or summer Saturday morning just to go buy plants. Since then, my appreciation for a good farmer’s market has grown exponentially, although my feelings about getting out of bed before 8am have remained the same. Yesterday I was promised a deluxe breakfast and my own plant if I would go. So I did.

The Soup Dog (they were tasty too)

We ate breakfast at Cascone’s, just across the street from the market. The owner (and main chef) Frank is a friend of my dad, who is apparently known as “The Soup Dog” in some circles. It was a great breakfast.

After that we made our way through the Farmer’s Market and my mom picked out the plants that were the reason for the trip. We bought a combination of flowers and ornamental plants for pots to sit around the patio as well as a number of vegetables and herbs. I took the opportunity to play around with the Camera360 app for my Droid. I like all of the artsy presets that it comes with, they make me feel almost like an artist. 🙂

Oh and the plant I chose was a Lime Mint. Two of my favorite tastes in one plant. Exciting!

Not only is it a brilliant title for a chapter in any self respecting fantasy book series, Inn At The Crossroads is a brilliant food blog. Two amazingly dedicated George R. R. Martin super fans (in the best possible way) have taken on the monumental task of cooking their way through the foods mentioned in his Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Not only that, they take fabulously mouthwatering pictures of the foods they cook which makes me both desperately hungry and desperately wish I could cook. Given the rich medieval tone of the series it is little wonder that some of the recipes should they be truly faithful to the source material might not be completely comparable to the modern palate (i.e. not what we’re used to and occasionally sort of gross) they also offer altered recipes as well that maintain the spirit of the original and are super tasty.

A fabulous example of Inn At The Crossroads tasty looking fare. (Pic from their blog.)

Right now I’m dreaming of the future medieval style feasts I may someday have with my friends thanks to the wonderful work of the ladies at the Inn At The Crossroads. And I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if my description of the foods in Threa might become more detailed either.

Check them out!