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I love these socks! They make me feel a little like a Ninja Turtle. My old roommate got these for me when she visited Japan, which makes sense if you think about it. The best part is that I won’t have to wait as long wear my flip-flops once this spring. I think I may have to do some internet searching to see if I can’t find some more pairs. And I can still grab fallen pens and pencils with my big toe while wearing socks! 🙂

And that means I’m officially the author of a published book!

I am completely and totally stoked! It’s available right this second for download onto Kindle and will very very soon be on it’s way to readers in paperback form.

In the mean time check out the website at

AND watch this amazing trailer put together by my good friend Liam.

I love learning how things work. I always have, but in the last year or so I’ve discovered Make Magazine and I fell in love with the maker scene. As a result
my dad got me this electronics kit from radio shack so we could get a feel for how they work before we tried our hands soldering anything. The goal is to someday be able to understand, design, and build real live working circuits.electrical components learning toy

I’m completely stoked! There’s nothing like knowing that you built something cool yourself. 🙂

One of the few things that I don’t like about my Mac is the unfortunate fact that it doesn’t have solitaire. I love solitaire. I used to play it for hours and hours…when I was supposed to be writing papers for class. Instead of solitare, the Mac has chess.


Chess? I wish I liked to think that much. 😛

Really my problem with Chess as opposed to solitaire on the computer is that what I’m usually looking for is just something to do with my hands while I listen to a podcast, figure out some plot point in the next Mercator book, or talking on the phone. And Chess, while a great way to improve your strategic ability and mental flexibility, isn’t that great when you just want to click your mouse mindlessly.

Over the years I’ve gone through a couple of web-based solutions to my need to click. And through my generosity of spirit, (it’s something to post) I’d like to share a couple of my favorites.

First of course is… solitaire. It’s almost as good as the good ol’ windows version. 🙂

Next is a game that reminds me of the connect the dot’s box game I used to play when I was little. the object is to beat the virus by taking over the circuits. I’ve forgotten how much I like this particular game. I used to be all but unbeatable.

Eventually I moved on to Mah-jong which is a seeming simple matching game. Simple until you run out of matches. I still play this game TONS. Fortunately I’ve got it for my Nintendo DS which is my favorite traveling companion.

But for the last couple of years Recursive Blocks has been my constant companion. Click the colored boxes until they all disappear. A tiny bit like Mah-jong, but with much less thinking.

Just FYI. Have fun. I know I will. 🙂