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I am incapable of saying or thinking those words without thinking or saying them in the voice of Hubert J Farnsworth of Planet Express, or just Futurama if you’re a little lost.

So what’s the good news?

East to Adonia is now only $2.99 on eReader!

In other good news, this weekend’s ConQuest 42 in KC went off without a hitch. They say it was a slow year, but at least it was close to home. 🙂

My super good friend Molly send me this link. These pieces are beautiful. I love the simplicity of the chain and the preservation of the natural beauty of the rocks/minerals. I just think there is something wonderfully mysterious about unpolished or cut rocks, and the unadorned nature of the settings enhance the enchantment.

Enjoyed my short Rapture experience. Too bad there weren’t more of us or we wouldn’t have gotten sent back…ha ha ha.

Yeah, not funny. In case you live in a cave, it’s Tornado season in the good ‘ol Misery (Missouri, duh, but it’s still better than Kansas). A cave would be a good place to live here, there are plenty around. I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little blasé about looming natural disasters having lived through one of my own. My prayers are with those in Joplin.

In 2003 I was in Liberty, MO going to school when the tornado destroyed William Jewell. It was an awe inspiring experience. I can’t say that I was ever as terrified as I should have been, but I was rather panicky during certain parts of the experience. I’d blog the entire experience right now, but it’s a good story and I think I’ll save it for later.

This weekend I’ll be selling my book at ConQuest 42 in KC! I’m excited for this one. It’s in my home town and it’s actually the right genre! Tamora Pierce is one of the featured guests. I discovered her books early in my college experience and really enjoyed them.

In No-body-cares-except-for-Missouri-rockhounds news, there’s now a Roadside Geology book for Missouri!!! I should totally get it and do a live blogging tour of the best sites. That would be aweome. 🙂

So, there’s this rumor going around that today is the last day to repent. Whew! Glad I take care of that task regularly, hope my ticket hasn’t expired. For those of you who don’t know, according to some, May 21, 2011 is the latest date in a long line of dates to be the Day of Judgement. If you can’t tell, I’m not too worried…neither is anyone else that I know of. As long as I’m not being judged for my nasty comma habit (or lack there of) I should be good.

If tomorrow does in fact end up being the end, at least my last week on Earth was a good one.

Sunday I decided to go up to my Grandma’s farm up near Kirksville to get some writing done. Or at least get a change of scenery. Mission Success…sort of. I say I go up there to get some writing done, but somehow I end up taking Meme to town instead. Meme is in her 90’s, and has decided she doesn’t want to drive herself to town any more. I can’t say that I blame her, town is 30 min away on windy country roads, and Kirksville’s traffic system isn’t exactly stellar.

I’m used to LA traffic, those two lane, hilly, narrow, windy, roads are pretty scary at 70 mph. At least in LA anywhere you can drive 70 mph you have 4 lanes of cushioning and a wall between you and the trees. Driving the ridges in MO you could fly off a corner and end up in a tree. It’s pretty awesome. I’m sort of a wimp compared to the locals, though. I’ll be zipping along at 60 or 70 mph and some cowboy in a black chevy will come over the hill behind me, pass me like I’m standing still, and be on the crest of the next hill before I can give the customary two finger salute. (Not the one finger victory salute, but the universal “howdy neighbor” signal.) And they say city folks are crazy.

And I did get some writing done in between the trip to town, walking Gretta (the German Shepard), and all my other minor duties.

I’m going to celebrate now. We’ll just have to see what it is I’m celebrating, the fact the world is ending, or the fact that it isn’t.

I’ll let you know on Sunday. 🙂

Saturday morning I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am to go to the River Market. My parents go regularly and I can clearly remember being in elementary school and resenting being woken up at 6am on a spring or summer Saturday morning just to go buy plants. Since then, my appreciation for a good farmer’s market has grown exponentially, although my feelings about getting out of bed before 8am have remained the same. Yesterday I was promised a deluxe breakfast and my own plant if I would go. So I did.

The Soup Dog (they were tasty too)

We ate breakfast at Cascone’s, just across the street from the market. The owner (and main chef) Frank is a friend of my dad, who is apparently known as “The Soup Dog” in some circles. It was a great breakfast.

After that we made our way through the Farmer’s Market and my mom picked out the plants that were the reason for the trip. We bought a combination of flowers and ornamental plants for pots to sit around the patio as well as a number of vegetables and herbs. I took the opportunity to play around with the Camera360 app for my Droid. I like all of the artsy presets that it comes with, they make me feel almost like an artist. 🙂

Oh and the plant I chose was a Lime Mint. Two of my favorite tastes in one plant. Exciting!

Unless you’ve been living on Io (one of Jupiter’s 16 moons) since 2003, pirates are super cool right now. At least they have been ever since Johnny Depp donned on a wig and swagger (I like this word right now) and climbed aboard ship. As freakishly awesome as Jack Sparrow is, my first pirate love was Guybrush Threepwood. And as awesome as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are, there is another pirate movie I’d rather spend my gold on.

Muppet Treasure Island is in my opinion the best pirate movie ever made.


Well, I’m very glad you ask.

First we start with an awesome theme song. Possibly one of the pirate songs ever produced for film. It’s right up there with Yo Ho.

As long as we’re on the subject of songs, all the songs are pretty awesome, but none more hilariously amazing than Cabin Fever.
I feel like this sometimes. 😛

And in case anyone noticed, Hanz Zimmer wrote the score for Muppet Treasure Island some 7 years before he penned the score for Pirates of the Caribbean. Sweet, huh?

But what about star power? How could its cast compare to Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightly? I’m pretty sure the Muppets alone are not only bigger stars, they’ll still be around when Orlando Bloom is back in diapers. But if it’s human star power you need, how about Tim Curry, Billy Connolly, and Jennifer Saunders? What? Not convinced you say. Their names might not be as recognizable, but their talent surely is. Then by all means check out these clips.

Tim Curry – Awesome, and that’s all I have to say about that. If you don’t know Curry, your life could use some spice. (Lame pun)

Billy Connolly – Couldn’t find the death scene 🙁 But this scene will still make your sides hurt … from laughter.

Jennifer Saunders – One of my favorite comedians at the top of her game. Brilliantly funny.

Ok. Ok enough with all the video posts.

The point is, I love this movie. Everyone I know who has seen this movie loves it. Growing up on Seseme Street and Muppet Babies, I can’t help but love those furry puppets. Gonzo was my man, just like he’s Jim Hawkins’ man… er… whatever. Muppet Treasure Island is a pirate romp you can show to any kid without having to worry about there really being any of the downsides to piracy. If you haven’t laughed until tears seep out of your eyes by ten minutes in, there must be something wrong with you. I’ve got nothing against Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I’m a fan, but I only need to see those once, I’ll watch Muppet Treasure Island a hundred times. In my opinion that’s the mark of a great movie.

Maybe Muppets aren’t your thing. But if you like funny, and you like Pirates, you’ll loooove Muppet treasure island.


It’s been a productive week. Finally got my write on, and did some work on my websites.

Go on over and check out the tweaks to the website. Added a blog there to house map resources as well as being the hub for Mercator news. On the Mapmaker Blog you’ll soon find teaching resources both for the Series books as well as mapping and cartography. All major Mercator news will be hosted there as well, but never fear, it will also be posted here.

There’s still a lot to be done, but finally the progress is visible.

In other news…

I really liked THOR.

Which really isn’t that surprising. I have no strong feelings toward either the Norse deity or the superhero to interfere with the movie’s version. It was great fun. The story was in no way plausible, but it’s a superhero comic book movie of the first rank. It was silly and wonderful. There were times I was sitting there thinking, “Whoa, that’s weird… no wait, that’s sooo coool.” The super stylized parts in Valhalla detailing Thor’s fall from grace threw me a little bit, but it works. It’s outrageous in the way that a comic book is supposed to be. Crazy action, insane plot, impossible worlds, magic, and a guy with the perfect physique in tights (or jeans…whatever) all add up to a lot of fun. I approve. Well done Kenneth Branagh, I like your swagger. Can’t wait to see it again.


I write like
Lewis Carroll

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I entered a big chunk of text from the second Mercator book that I’m working on right now (even as I type this very word). Which I think is very promising indeed. Either that or worrying. Are Alice’s adventures in Wonderland too old for Middle Schoolers?

A copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that I found at my Grandmother's.