All posts for the month October, 2011

…if I blog on my birthday I’ll do a better job at blogging this year.

Well that’s the hope. 😛

Since I finished my first draft of Mercator 2 I just haven’t been spending as much time on the internet. (Which is a great thing. I hate/love the interwebs.) I wonder why… actually I know why. When I’m writing I switch constantly back and forth between my browser and my document. I’m a master procrastinator and web-time waster. It could have been my third major in college. Getting back to the point, basically this means that I just forget to post on my blog and answer e-mails for days. I’m not trying to get out of writing for another ten minutes, so that e-mail can wait a day or ten or more. And blog? Pfffft, why?

I’ll get back on the bloghorse soon. Probably mid-november. Why so long? I’m going on a secret mission and it’ll blow my cover if I check in. I’ll write all about it when I return. Mwuahahahaha!!!!!

So I finished the first draft of the second book in The Mapmaker Series Tuesday and the final couple days of constant writing burnt me out a little.

That’s my excuse, such as it is.

Hopefully I’ll have something for the Writer’s Campaign Monday.