All posts for the month February, 2012

So it’s February and I haven’t posted since, oh, I don’t know, December?

Yeah. I win the flaky blogger of the month/year/decade award. I have this superpower where I just kind of fall off the radar for a while. It’s completely unintentional. I think when you are naturally a loner even a simple blog post is being too social.

I’ve been doin’ stuff though!

Check this sweet guitar I painted out! I got the old mexican made fender from my friend Cody. It was a bit beat up, which made it the perfect candidate for my first guitar re-haul project.

So I sanded it down.

Sanding in Process.

And painted it.

My Strat

Now you might be asking, “Jenny, why those colors?”

And I say, “ROCK AND ROOOOLLLLLLL!” But seriously, I’ve wanted a gold guitar since I fell in love with The Band watching The Last Waltz. Robbie Robertson played this shiny gold and black guitar and I thought that was awesome. But being me, I couldn’t copy it straight, I had to do it my way and I really like that color blue.

To cap off my geekiness I altered the headstock. The Fender F is a lot like the way I sign my J’s and I just couldn’t resist.

Yeah, I'm a geek.

So there you go. That was my big project for January to keep me away from the interwebs. And it worked. Perhaps a little too well. Next I’m working on a Gibson Les Paul style guitar kit. The thing comes with the wiring complete but the body and neck of the guitar unfinished. All you have to do is figure out how to make the body beautiful and stick it together. I’ve decided to go for a subtle steam punk look which I haven’t ironed out yet. I’m really excited to hammer out the style and design but first I need to do this revising my book thing.

*sigh* my life is so hard.

…I was being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell. I’ve got a sweet deal. 🙂