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So, there’s this rumor going around that today is the last day to repent. Whew! Glad I take care of that task regularly, hope my ticket hasn’t expired. For those of you who don’t know, according to some, May 21, 2011 is the latest date in a long line of dates to be the Day of Judgement. If you can’t tell, I’m not too worried…neither is anyone else that I know of. As long as I’m not being judged for my nasty comma habit (or lack there of) I should be good.

If tomorrow does in fact end up being the end, at least my last week on Earth was a good one.

Sunday I decided to go up to my Grandma’s farm up near Kirksville to get some writing done. Or at least get a change of scenery. Mission Success…sort of. I say I go up there to get some writing done, but somehow I end up taking Meme to town instead. Meme is in her 90’s, and has decided she doesn’t want to drive herself to town any more. I can’t say that I blame her, town is 30 min away on windy country roads, and Kirksville’s traffic system isn’t exactly stellar.

I’m used to LA traffic, those two lane, hilly, narrow, windy, roads are pretty scary at 70 mph. At least in LA anywhere you can drive 70 mph you have 4 lanes of cushioning and a wall between you and the trees. Driving the ridges in MO you could fly off a corner and end up in a tree. It’s pretty awesome. I’m sort of a wimp compared to the locals, though. I’ll be zipping along at 60 or 70 mph and some cowboy in a black chevy will come over the hill behind me, pass me like I’m standing still, and be on the crest of the next hill before I can give the customary two finger salute. (Not the one finger victory salute, but the universal “howdy neighbor” signal.) And they say city folks are crazy.

And I did get some writing done in between the trip to town, walking Gretta (the German Shepard), and all my other minor duties.

I’m going to celebrate now. We’ll just have to see what it is I’m celebrating, the fact the world is ending, or the fact that it isn’t.

I’ll let you know on Sunday. 🙂